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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a d.c. neighborhood banding together today in protest a speed camera. we'll have more on that coming up this hour. a big story we are following this morning. a sweep for santorum. i stand here to be the conservative alternative to barack obama. >> the republican presidential candidate wins all three tuesday contests. we'll have a look at what the race for the nomination stands right now. >> we are keeping an eye on some snow that is heading our
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way today as we take a live look outside. fox 5 morning news continues right now. now. good morning. it is straight up 6:00 on this wednesday, february 8th, 2012. take a look at the monument out there and it is finally going to start feeling like it is february later on today. good morning, everyone. i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. with snow on the way this afternoon, at least one school system in the area seems to be taking precautions. fauquier county public schools are closed today. administrative offices will open on time and liberal leave is in effect. again no, school for students in fauquier county today. now, let's check in with tucker barnes and get the latest on this system and how it is tracking. finally february, we knew we had one more month to get some winter weather. >> you got it. this system not stecialy strong but i think it will cause problems later on this afternoon. that evening commute could be prime time for our system as it moves on through. it looks like temperatures are
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going to be just cold enough to make this a mostly snow event here, district north and west. that will be the critical factor, hour quickly it trancics from rain to snow. we could -- it transitions from rain to snow. we could get a couple of inches in any spot. anybody who lives mere for any time knows it doesn't take a whole lot. here what is we know. we know this. snow is on the way. that is a guarantee as the system is getting its act together. we've got it on our radar. we are tracking it into portions of ohio and west virginia. here are your headlines. it will get here by early afternoon. working west to east, so if you are watching in western maryland, we've got viewers out there, west virginia, you will get it sooner than a the rest of us. starts as a rain-snow mix. it will quickly transition to snow as the column of air cools. that evening commute look like that is prime time for this event. most of the roadways are on the warm side, temperatures
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yesterday were in the 50s. not terribly concerned with it at least for its onset sticking on the roadways. it is possible here as things get going that it could start to cause some problems. light accumulations up to about an inch here in the immediate metro area but we've got a winter weather advisory north and west and you could see maybe 2 or 3 inches in some spots north and west of the city. there you go. there is your system out to the west. developing and i'm show you more at light pictures of that. coming up in a few minutes there is your yen rain-snow line. all snow north and west where temperatures are currently below freezing. i'll show you that as well coming up in just a couple of minutes. no problems with the morning commute. kids headed to school this morning. no problems later this afternoon. it will be likely snowing here when the kids are headed home at about 3:00 today. now, when tucker is long off the air, you are still going to be able to track the winter weather any time of the day with the new fox 5 weather app. head toen ale's app store or the android market on your
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smart phone and search for d.c. weather. -- head to apple's app store or the and roy market on your smart phone and search for d.c. weather. >> unlike tucker barnes, i don't get the afternoon off. i will be here. >> you will. >> a serious crash occurred at new york avenue at florida avenue. this involves a passenger vehicle underneath a tractor- trailer. new york at florida remains closed until further notice. we do have live pictures from the scene now. all traffic being turned around both inbound and outbound at the scene of the crash. they hope to get some traffic moving through this area within the next hour. as you can imagine, this is very much a heavily traveled commute for folks traveling to and from northeast washington so this is dim going to impact that drive coming inbound this morning. so again, options include rhode island avenue to north capital
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street. benning road to h street back up to north cap. this ongoing investigation scheduled until further notice if you will. they are hoping to get some traffic squeezing by here within next hour or so. but a lot of equipment still on the scene as this investigation is ongoing. no word on the victim at this time. we do know there is a lengthy investigate that was ongoing since about 1:00 this morning. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox. they're checking out the remains of a accident that occurred last night. that is backlick road. a portion of the roadway remains blocked off at this time because of wires and a pole down at the scene. so braddock road remains shut down in each direction. the braddock road area remains closed off until further notice. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it looks like maybe in massachusetts -- >> big news from the campaign
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trail. rick santorum reins wins minnesota, colorado and missouri in the race for the republican presidential nomination. the results of yesterday's vote have some calling mitt romney's seemingly solid lead into question. >> let's get a look at the numbers now. in minute some, santorum won with 45% of the primary vote. ron paul was a second place with 27%. the results left romney and gingrich in a distant third and fourth place respectively. romney came in with 17% of vote in minnesota. gingrich, 11%. >> in colorado arab much clothier race. santorum pulled in ho% vote and rome necessity had 35%. santorum won missouri with 55% to romney with 25%. ron paul was a distant third and gingrich was not in the ballot in missouri. >> your votes today were not just heard loud and wide across the state of missouri and minneapolis but they were heard loud and louder all across this country. >> early voting meanwhile is
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under way in ohio and main main is holding a week-long caucus. the candidates have a three- week break until the next big don contest in arizona and michigan at the end of the month. a look at the morning's other top stories. opening statements are expected to begin this morning in the murder trial of george huguely a huguely a former la crosse star at the university of virginia is accused of killing his girl freend yeardley love. fox 5's paul wagner will join us live from charlottesville coming up in our 9:00 hour. sentencing is set today for i aformer suburban hospital employee convicted of murdering his supervisor. roosevelt brockington, jr. was found dead in the basement of the hospital on new year's day in 2011. keith little allegedly stabbed him to death after receiving a bad performance review. little was convicted late last
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year. a new element in the gay marriage debate. >> what is happening in california that could take the issue to the steps of the supreme court. the pentagon reportedly reviewing the possibility of u.s. military action in syria. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. ♪ pierre! your fashion is so "right now," but your banking is so last season! earn more with high yield free checking at capital one bank. instead of some unfashionable rate, your checking could be earning five times the national average. and free atms anywhere. five times the interest? that's hot. oooooo! let's catwalk! you want more interest? open an account at a capital one bank. what's in your wallet? does this make my tuches look big? brad and jill in accounting? crazy!
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another day of relentless bombardment in syria. senator john mccain is calling for the u.s. to supply arms to the rebels who are fighting against syria's brutal crackdown. even though the pentagon is reportedly looking into military action, the white house says the only help being considered now is humanitarian. a federal court in california overturns a ban on gay marriage and this morning, supporters of ban are promising to go all the way to the supreme court. the court declared the ban unconstitutional after voters approved it in a referendum in 2008. but the court also said that
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same-sex marriages cannot resume until the appeals process has played out. more states have signed on it a nationwide settlement that is stemming from foreclosure abuse. it could mean reduced loan balances for around a million home owners and checks for hundreds of thousands of families who had to go through foreclosure. new york is among the holdouts. some are concerned that the settlement will not adequately punish the nation's largest lenders for widespread abuse. still ahead, they make money and police say they save lives. >> lots of people don't like the speed cameras. a lot of people, that is where weigh talking about. one will be the target of a protest this morning. first, we are checking in with tucker to find out more about the snow heading our way today. when is it going to arrive? how much can we expect? stay with us. he has the answers for you. 
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welcome back. a protest is planned in southeast d.c. this morning against a speed camera. some people in one neighborhood say it is a speed trap. it is in the 1900 block of branch avenue southeast. two passengers, one who is running for d.c. council. he says the camera doesn't make the neighborhood safer and is only there to make money. and we're live with more on that protest coming up around 6:30 and we want to know which speed cameras and red light cameras you hate the most. tell us on facebook or twitter. we may read some of those comments on air. >> some people may say all speed cameras. >> some people are not a fan of this winter weather. some are. >> it won't be a major storm but with any winter weather in washington, as we've been talking about all morning, just a little bit will go along way so we could have some problems. afternoon commute, that will be prime time. this morning, you are absolutely fine as none of this will get in here until late morning early afternoon. temperatures will be critical. look like it could be moafortly
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a snow event just north and west of city. -- looks like it could be mostly a snow event just north and west of the city. don't look at me like that, wisdom. he's giving me the evil eye like this is my fault. we have fallen to 38 degrees. just the messenger, wisdom. 4 in gaithersburg. so here is what happened. last night, the clear skies that. allowed the temperatures to fall. these temperatures were forecast to be a little warmer this morning. so it is likely to be an all- snow event off to the north and west. 32 in hagerstown. 29 in martinsburg. annapolis, 40 degrees. not going on get much warmer today. i think our temperatures will peak about midday and start to fall this afternoon as this column of air cools with our arriving winter system.
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there you go. not a terribly strong system. not terribly impressive by any means. it should arrive later this morning, early this afternoon and the bulk of this will be between about 3:00 this afternoon and 8:00 tonight. we now have a winter weather advisory that has been posted for counties off to the north and west including parts of fauquier county, montgomery county, howard county, maryland. frederick county in maryland. it goes into effect between about 10:00 and noon today. it is here when we get up tomorrow morning we will likely have the biggest problem spots as we get light accumulations north and west. how much snow could we get right along the 59 core are to? maybe an in. south and east. off to the north and west, somebody will get a jackpot of maybe 2 inches or more as you get up to the pennsylvania border. no i amajor storm system but if temperatures stay on the or below freezing north and west, we'll see some problems later
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this afternoon. by 2:00, we are starting to see the snow break out north and west. notice the rain-snow line trying to set up south and east of the city down into southern anne arundel county. southern prince george's county. you too here in prince george's county may see mostly a snow event. at 5:00, there you go. then just put it in motion for you. the worst it was will be over by 10:00, 11:00 tonight and then things will start to quiet down and clear out. lots of clouds today. your wintry mix changing to snow this afternoon. total accumulations trace south of the city to about 3 inches if you are well north and west up towards the pennsylvania border. that temperature will be falling later today with winds out of the east at five to 10. snow showers continue tonight. here is the next issue. 32 your overnight low. so we will hit the freezing mark area-wide overnight tonight. that will likely cause plaque ice and slick spots tomorrow morning as things will refreeze
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during the overnight hours. there is your five-day forecast. 51 on friday. we'll be cold this weekend. arctic air. julie wright has a lot to say. >> not only do we have a portion of braddock road shut down in each direction headed towards the play that. remains closed off because of an accident that occurred last night with a utility pole down across the highway. in northeast washington, accident activity closes new york avenue each way at florida avenue. so new york avenue remains closed at this time. there is a car behind this truck here. ments wedged underneath the tractor-trailer. i believe that is what they're trying to do right now is remove this vehicle from underneath the tractor-trailer and hopefully within the next hour we can get some traffic moving in each direction along new york avenue at florida. but again, accident investigation has been ongoing since about 1:00 this morning. the roadway remains closed. if you are coming inbound, you can always use the combination
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of benning road to h street to rhode island avenue over to north cap and use that as the workaround. no word on the victim. we do know that new york avenue in northeast remains closed until further notice. that will complicate the commute for you guys that typically use this as your way in to work. we'll take it back inside. say good morning to the crew in sky fox. jeff and jerry hovering above potomac mills. lanes are open in both the main line and center of your screen as you guys continue up towards woodbridge. lanes are open, no problems to report head up towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic. >> thank you. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york for this morning's business beat. it may not seem like it but there are a few indications that the economy is improving from vacation plans to consumer borrowing. got a look at some hopeful signs when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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welcome back. the happiest place on earth provide something signs that the economy may actually be improving. we'll have more on that in a minute. first, let's take a look at the markets. lauren simonetti with fox business network live in new york with this morning's business beat. good morning. >> good morning. >> stocks find the plus column yesterday. how are things looking for today. >> slow and steady wins the race once again. we have small gains for the futures here in the premarket. it has become the new normal on wall street. less volatility and more slight moves but in the end, we are still at multi-year highs. the dowser will open at its highest level in four years today. >> and i'm hearing some good news. i'm hoping it is true that the economy is actually getting better. we see some good signs here. >> we got three pieces information that point to an improving u.s. economy. we mean it this time. the first one was the
6:26 am
government said the job openings in the month of december expanded to 3.4 million. that is about a three-year high. we found out from the federal reserve that consumer borrowing has hit pre-recession levels. and then disney reported quarterly profits and revenue and more people are going to disney world and disneyland. you add it all together, we are more comfortable in our financial situations and that is a sign that the u.s. economy are getting better. >> heading to disney to celebrate. thank you so much. we'll check in with you tomorrow. coming up next, a speed camera in the district targeted by a protest this morning. first -- >> i stand here to be the conservative alternative to barack obama. ck obama. >> a santorum sweep. the former senator wins all three states in tuesday's contest. we'll get an update from the campaign trail when fox 5 morning news continues. everyday, an average of 5,000 people
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back now on fox 5 morning news. the school closing note ahead of this afternoon's expected snow. fauquier county schools are closed today. administrative offices are open. liberal leave is in effect. >> they are resting up for what is coming later on. >> want to wax the sled and get ready to go. not a major storm today but we are going to have i ain't we're event. we'll call it that. this has been a mild winter so i think there will likely be enough to cause some problems for the evening rush hour. prime time between 3:00 this afternoon and 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. that will be the worst of t we'll get it out of here later tonight. not a major event. maybe 1 inch or 2 or 3 if you are well off to the north and west. those aren't huge amounts but neighbor enough to sled on. >> enough for a snowball or two. >> take some pictures. >> sent us the picture. >> let's get to the satellite-
6:31 am
radar. the cloud cover is moving in. we are mostly cloudy out at reagan national right now and there you go, the snow and rain, the mick out across eastern parts of ohio now moving into west virginia. still several hours away. we'll get in here as mentioned late this morning, early this afternoon. your morning commute will be absolutely dry. what you see north of washington there, that is not reaching the ground. that is a process that takes place when snow falls. i don't have time to explain it but it is very interesting. there are your general snow totals there in blue. trace to about a half inch well south and east of the city. we are thinking around washington, maybe an inch plus in some spots particularly just north and west. we've got a winter weather advisory and then the jock pot if we can call it that will be well north and west as you get up towards hagerstown and into southern pennsylvania and again, worst of this will be north and west of the city. temperatures there not likely to get much above freezing. anything that falls will get a chance to stick on some of the roadways. around here, 56-degree yesterday. and we are just not below
6:32 am
freezing right now. it is not likely to stick here on local roadways here inside the beltway. there is your forecast for today. snow-rain mix likely by afternoon. 40 your daytime high. more details on the forecast in just a minute. we've got weather guy too coming up. >> what do we do if we can't find you. we go to the winter national weather service app, the fox 5 weather app that we have. >> i use it as well. >> i do too. >> you can see what is going on. go to apple's app store or the droid market on your smart phone. search for d.c. weather. >> we'll tweet updates there all day long. >> it is free. so go ahead. take advantage of it. >> time now to check in with julie wright. >> i got my hands full. we've got a lot going on. let me take you into northeast washington. new york avenue at florida avenue think the scene of this morning's crash which occurred around 1:00 this morning involving a vehicle under negotiate a tractor-trailer. we have a photographer live at
6:33 am
the scene beaming us back these pictures. new york avenue remains shut down in each direction. crews are still on the scene. they hope to get traffic moving through the area in the next hour but for right now, inbound new york avenue, traffic is being diverted off there and working your way through the fisk street market area, that is what they're doing to the traffic coming inbound towards northeast washington. again, rhode island avenue to north capital street, beeping road to h street back around to north cap, good arm alternative routes for you because new york avenue inbound which is our rush hour commute, that remains closed at florida avenue until further notice. crew in sky fox is with us on the other side of town checking out northbound i-95 as you work your way northbound this morning leaving lorton up towards newington. it is heavy, slow and steady. nothing out of the ordinary here. 66 is backing up in manassas with delays leaving 50 to 123. we have some debris reported in the beltway here at colesville
6:34 am
road. whatever was her has been pushed over to the shoulder. lanes are open. you are below speed leaving university boulevard headed in towards silver spring. blares if. a major victory for rick santorum. it is a sign that the republican presidential nomination is still far from decided. >> let's get a look at the numbers now n minneapolis, santorum won with 45% of the primary vote. ron paul was second place with 27%. romney was a distant third. >> in colorado, a much closer match-up. sonar to up pulled in 40% and romney with 35%. santorum won missouri with 55% of the vote. romney had 25%. >> ron paul touched on the triple threat in missouri last
6:35 am
night. >> your votes today were not just heard loud and wide across the state of missouri and minnesota but they were heard loud and louder across this country. >> early voting is also under way in ohio. maine is holding a week-long caucus. the candidates have a three- week break until the next big contest in arizona and michigan at the end of the month. the white house is not backing down from an issue that is drawing battle lines between the obama administration and the roman catholic church. employers including those affiliated with the church will be required to cover contraception as part of their health plans. yesterday, press secretary jay carney indicated the white house may be looking for a way to calm the election year fire storm. now, there is another new development in the debate. james rosen has more. >> reporter: dear brothers and sisters in christ were that how the or. bishop for military services usa began the letter he rote on
6:36 am
january 26th an intended to be read at all military personnel at sunday masses worldwide. the focus is last month's ruling by health and human services secretary kathleen accept sebelius which mandated as part of president obama's health care law that the cost of female contraception will be fully covered in all employers' health plans even at catholic affiliated schools, hospitals and charities where that would violate church doctrine. at mid-afternoon, the white house was asked if the president's position remains no reconsideration. >> it does. president is committed to making sure that all women have access to the important preventive services. >> reporter: the archbishop wrote to service personnel, it's blow to freedom that you have fought to defend and for which you have seen your buddies fall in battle. we cannot, we will not comply with this unjust law. but none of the nearly 300,000 catholics currently on active
6:37 am
duty heard the archbishop's plea as written. that is because army chief of cap haps donald rutherford intervened. the chaplain feared the archbishop was actively urging military men and women to break the law. army secretary john mccue all the matily decided the archbishop's letter was in the a matter for military review but he voluntarily removed the line about noncompliance with the law. a former army intelligence officer served two tours in afghanistan. >> the army's job is to be a military organization not be in the my all of a social values conflict. >> reporter: the army told fox news that the chaplain never intended to render judge minneapolis on the archbishop's ruling to the hhs ruling and that the army never intended to censor the clergy. james rosen, fox news. s. defense and prosecuting attorneys in the uva la crosse
6:38 am
murder trial will choose a jury this morning and then opening statements will begin. george huguely is accused of killing his girlfriend yeardley love in 2010. paul wagner will be live outside the courtroom in our the 9:00 hour. a man who stabbed his supervisor to death will learn his sentence today. keithling allegedly killed roosevelt brockington, jr. because he had received a bad performance review. speed cameras are here in our area. it seems they are everywhere these days leaving locals pretty angry. >> they are taking action today. residents in one community and community leaders are getting ready for protest the placement of a speed camera locationed on prann. avenue in southeast d.c. lauren demarco is live there with the details. lauren? >> reporter: good morning. it is certainly a hot issue. we just hay driver pass us by here in the 1900 block of branch avenue southeast washington and shout out the
6:39 am
window, i agree this is the worst speed camera. the demonstration today is going to be led by a gentleman who is running for d.c. council here in ward 7 and at issue is the speed camera, 1900 block of branch avenue just there over high left shoulder and they say as folks head downtill northbound, it is unfairly targeting them. also, the complaint is that there are a lot of elderly residents in the neighbor and they are being targeted as well. let's take a look at the numbers. fines for speeding in d.c. are based on the number of miles per hour over the posted speed limit. if you are driving one to 10 miles an hour over the limit, you would be fined 75 bucks. now, it seems most of the cameras only register a violation once you are around 10 miles or so over the limit. many people are receiving fines of $125 and up. you can see the prices there. critic say that is too steep especially during these tough financial times. so how much cash do these cameras bring into the city?
6:40 am
the daily call you are just released the results of an investigation it found in 2011, speed cameras in d.c. brought in more than $33 million. $12million of that pure profit. mayor vincent gray says money is not a motivating factor, that it is all about safety and traffic flow. now, critics say the system does appear to be financially motivated. it doesn't look like this issue is going anywhere and today, again, we will see some demonstrators out this morning so we will continue to follow this. back to you. >> all right, lauren. thank you. we are also asking you to tell us your speed camera and red light locations. >> er colleen posted don't speed if you can't afford it. with that being said, there is no reason for the lights at new york avenue by howard johnson. several people wrote about i acam are on 295. one viewer posted the one on
6:41 am
295 that is hiding behind the wall under the underpass is crazy. i thought they couldn't hide them. shaking my head. >> a lot of people not happy. coming up next, it's perk of shopping online. >> but in virginia, it could be on its way out. also head ring big plans if a d.c. landmark. donald trump putting his mark on the old post office. -- also ahead, big plans for a dose landmark. hmm. what's going on with dad? he seems different. he's not talking about work. he's not tucking in his shirt. he's not checking messages every nine seconds. and now this? everyone deserves a great vacation at a great price. get on board a carnival cruise, and get more fun for all. [ foghorn blows ]
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a virginia senate committee has unanimously approved a bill that would force online retailers like amazon to collect the same sales taxes as regular stores. backers of the bill say it would boost virginia's treasury by hundreds of millions of dollars each year. game over for online gambling in the district. the d.c. council voted 10-2 to repeal the first government- responsibilitiesorred online
6:45 am
betting game in the nation. the program had been legalized as part of a budget bill that was approved without public comment. councilman michael brown saws he will propose a new stand alone bill to allow online gambling. the old post office building is well on the way to becoming part of donald trump's hotel collection. u.s. general services administration announced trump is the preferred team for the redevelopment project. they say the trump plan is to convert the building 199luxury hotel with 250 rooms, fancy restaurants, a spa and a ballroom and meeting facility. i hear they will stay true to the historic nature of the building as well or they are trying to at lost. >> sounds nice. >> it looks beautiful. >> are you guys ready for a winter event. >> sure. we don't have a choice. >> let's show you at slight radar. we have abeen talking about it the last couple of days.
6:46 am
we are on track for our winter event. it won't be a major storm. not a major storm. but i think there will be enough accumulating snow north and west of the city. the prime time is evening rush hour. the timing on this in late morning, early afternoon and again, it looks like the predominant precipitation form north and west of the city will be in the form of snow as temperatures overnight have had a chance to fall and we're not expecting much rebound in temperatures later on today. since after he gone to bed, national wissued a winter weath advisory for counties off to the north and west. it does not include washington. it does include baltimore, howard county, montgomery county, loudoun county, virginia. up towards winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown, you are under that winter weather advisory.
6:47 am
it will only be a couple of inches in a few spots if you are up near the border there with pennsylvania. you might see an isolated three inch snow total. about an inch of snow expected closer to washington. 3 right now in washington. 37 in baltimore. notice the temperature is at the freezing mark here north and west. dulles and winchester and hagerstown all 32. not expecting matsch rebound with the temperatures today as we've got the cloud cover and now our wind are out of the north and east. that will lock in the cold for the day. here is your futurecast. by 2:00, we seeing snow break out to the north and west of the city. notice what happens here just in time for the evening rush hour. looks like the rain-snow line just south and east of washington. southern maryland, lower eastern shore, just rain for you a mix across southern prince george's county and portions of central virginia. and then all snow north and west and that is when the problems could take place. 5:00, 6:00, looks like the main
6:48 am
event. even by 10:00, we are still getting some snow showers. the whole thing winds down overnight. back to sunshine tomorrow. we could have freezing spots tomorrow morning as our overnight low will be 32 degrees. 40, we'll do that early today. that temperature will be falling into the mid-30s later this afternoon. and the rest of the five-day forecast generally look fine although check out the weekend. high temperatures in the 30s. >> arctic air. >> that will be so cold. >> i'm not used to that. >> we've gotten soft. >> tony is here now. >> good morning to all of you. >> what does that mean. >> it means it is time for ask the weather guys. >> tucker, meese do the honors. >> that is the great segment where tony and i put our large heads together to answer your most preeing questions.
6:49 am
today's question comes from lady in bowie, maryland. lady writes, great question. i was surprised with the answer. i've always wondered why most ear buds in ear phones are marked for the left and right here. do we process sounds differently in each ear. what is the deal? >> is it the way they're positioned? >> my initial thought is they were moled to fit into your left ear or right here. it turns out that is the partial answer. >> that is the partial answer. some of the fine are ear buds or head phones in particular are mold the slightly differently to fit better. if it is marked left, it will fit better on your left ear. if it is marked right, it will fit better on the right ear. >> that was your left ear and right ear that you were pointing to. >> i was watching myself on tv. thanks, tucker. now, with ear buds that people
6:50 am
use for ipods, it typically -- that is not reallet reason. here is the reason. the question, does it matter? yeah, it does, depending on how close attention you pay to listening to music or watching a movie wearing headphones. like on your big screen tv at home. your ears do not process sound differently from ear to ear. what it is is that -- and headphones became in vogue when stereo systems became popular in the 50s and 60s. when artists record their music, they record it in a particular stereo spectrum or even sometimes -- we'll, we'll talk stereo because that what is headphones deal with. for example, if you go for a condition cert and you see a symphony orchestra, a symphony orchestra is set up a certain way, the same time, double bases to the left and the
6:51 am
string section to the left. the way that music is recorded and then mixed for stereo is to duplicate the sound spectrum where those instruments would be so you hear it that way in your ears inform you put the earpieces on on the right ears, the correct ears, you will hear it the way the artist wanted you to hear it. if you are watching a movie or something with sound effects, a chase scene or some birds fly off on the right hand part of the screen, if after he got your headphones reversed no, in the pot position that they are supposed to be in, you will feel like there is smog wrong. you will her the birds in your left ear when they are flying off on the right-hand side of the screen. >> you will pick up on that. >> you will pick up on that. for some music, it doesn't matter as much. if you are listening in mono, it doesn't matter because the same signal is fed to each earpiece.
6:52 am
but generally he can. ing, you put them on correctly as they're marked so that you hear the sound effects arrest music the way the artist intends for you to see it. >> i had no idea. >> fascinating. >> there you go. >> learn something new every day. >> you have he got a question you want answered, go to click on the weather tab and we're looking for you to send us your video questions. we'll try to play that. >> kenny rogers in stereo. >> for lady. >> thank you. speaking of ladies, let's go to julie wright. >> lady! >> see, that is a proper toss. i like lady. you never know what care as going to toss to me. >> has it been one of those mornings? >> you had said your sweater looks like a snowball. that was not me i don't i said
6:53 am
it looked like a meatball. >> white alfredo sauce. >> right. there will be snow emergency routes this afternoon in preparation for all of that. coming our way. don't forget, make sure you got plenty of wiper fluid. now is the time to fill up on a tank of gas as well. do want wait for the last minute. better news, downtown new york avenue is open. you will find traffic is now able to continue through northeast all the way out to the third street tunnel. coming from the tunnel back out towards bladensburg road also. expect find back-ups well before the brentwood parkway. only the right lane is able to scwee by as you travel inside the beltway. multivehicle crash here tying
6:54 am
up the left side of the road. southbound 395 coming across the outbound 14th street bridge, some traffic squeezing by to the left here as you work your way outbound cross the potomac headed out towards the pentagon. most the roadway blocked. a lot of accident vehicles involved in this. plus a response team on the scene. one leap to the left gets you by outbound across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. now for a look at today's my fox half off deal. $49 gets you $200 worth of custom framing services from the framing studio on connecticut avenue northwest. to get in on this one, head to and look for my fox half off on the right side of the page. the page. it is hard to believe but valentine's day is less than a week away. >> if you haven't made plans, you can wine and dine that special someone a few days early. we're live with the preview at the 13th annual international wine and food festival. that is. cog up next hour.  -- that is coming up next hour. 
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good morning everybody i am annie yu on this wednesday i bring all the foodies and wine enthusiasts in our area great news 13th annual international wine and food festival is back in dc and kicks off tomorrow we are doing a preview this morning here at jack rose dining saloon they with one of the participating restaurants in the event but it is being held at the ronald regan building, and international trade center throughout the morning from here we will taste some wines and of course some delicious food and this is an event where you will find more than 600 wines from 100 wineries around the world they have the chef who is going to teach you ways to cook with wine and we will show that this morning as well it will be a fun morning we are previewing some of the fun activities you can get a good idea before you purchase those tickets and head out the door. >> we are looking forward to it
6:59 am
annie thank you so much. >> before we send you over to alison and tony, we want to say hello to glynnis before her feet even hit the floor, she turns on fox 5 morning news, that is a good thing you need to know what is happening in the weather department today. find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning newpost a comment under her photo congratulations. >> that debt us for the 6:00 a.m. hour. now over to alison and tony. >> good morning. coming up now at 7:00 a.m. some winter weather headed our way. >> mother nature expected to drop up 30 p inches of snow -- up to 3 inches of snow in some areas already one school system closed today and local road crews are gearing up what could be shaping up to be a messy evening commute. a tough ride this morning for drivers on part of


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